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Do you stock the fabric and wallpaper?

No, we do not hold stock, everything is printed to order. 

What are the lead times at the moment?

Our lead times for fabric and wallpaper is 2 to 4 weeks, these are approximate times and they may arrive sooner.

How much are delivery charges?

Fabric orders over 3.5m will be sent directly from the printers and costs £19.95. It is expensive to send rolls of fabric because they cannot be placed onto a conveyor belt and have to be physically handled, £10 handling charge is included in this price.

Fabric orders 3m and under will be sent folded via Royal Mail cost £4.50

Wallpaper orders 2 rolls plus cost £10.50 sent via a courier

Wallpaper orders of 1 roll will be sent via Royal Mail and costs £4.50

We use different printers for wallpaper and fabric, if you order more than 3.5m and 2 rolls of wallpaper we send you a separate charge for wallpaper because this will be sent from us when it arrives and the fabric will be sent directly from the printers, you will have two separate deliveries.

If you order a large quantity of different fabrics which adds up to more than one roll being sent, we will have to charge you for sending extra rolls. we work this out and add it onto your invoice.

Invoice and Shipping to a third party

When you are emailed an invoice PLEASE CHECK you have the correct

Fabric pattern/colour and quantity
Wallpaper pattern/colour and quantity

If you are sending to a third party and you have not checked the delivery address we are not responsible for re-shipping the order.
If you are sending your order to a third party you are liable to have the fabric checked at it’s destination. You need to check you have the correct, pattern, colour and quantity and check to see if there are any faults. If in the unlikely case there are any faults please let us know straight away and we can organise to have more fabric sent. We are not responsible if you go ahead with making up and you discover there is a problem, we cannot help once the fabric has been cut or made up. This is an industry standard procedure.
When the invoice has been paid we presume you have checked that all the information is correct and will continue to order and ship using the information provided on the invoice.

Returns, Refunds and Faulty fabric

All the fabric is printed to order so we cannot offer a refund after you have paid for the fabric unless it is faulty. Please check your fabric for faults before you cut. PLEASE NOTE: if the fabric has been cut or made up we cannot offer any refunds.

If you are sending fabric direct to a curtain maker please make sure they have checked they have the correct pattern/colour and quantity and there are no faults. If you arrange to have fabric sent to a third party without checking it yourself first, it is at your own risk.

In some cases we need to see a photo of the fault and we need to physically inspect the fabric ourselves via the printers to double check the problem. We very rarely have a physical problem with the fabric and if we find one we like to get to the bottom of the problem so we will investigate. If any problems arise it is usually because the wrong pattern, colour or quantity has been ordered.

Because you have ordered a bespoke product, once the fabric has been ordered and paid for we cannot change/cancel your order or give you a refund.

If you have any problems with the fabric you need to inform us of the problem within 28 days from delivery

In the unlikely event that you find a fault with the fabric, we will arrange collection of that fabric and once it has arrived back with us we will order the replacement fabric for you and send asap.

Is the fabric suitable for upholstery?

Our fabric is only suitable for light upholstery, for example an occasional chair/s, curtains and headboards. We cannot guarantee it for heavy use upholstery because the fabric is dry clean only and cannot be wiped with a damp cloth. It is not a good idea to use the fabric for upholstery if it will be near pets, small children and food.

Does your fabric have a Martindale rub test?

Another reason we cannot recommend our fabric for heavy use upholstery is because we cannot provide an accurate Martindale rub test.

Our fabric is 30,000 rubs before the printing process but because the rub count depends on how much ink is on the surface, it makes it impossible for use to provide this information. 

Is your fabric fireproof and would I have to get it treated?

The fabric is not fireproof by default. Usually, designers organise to have the fabric treated by a specialist company. If you are a designer and you arrange to have a treatment, we can send it direct to the FR company. If you are wanting to use the fabric for light upholstery and using a company like The Headboard Workshop, they advise using an FR liner under the fabric. It can be the case that the fabric will change colour after it has had an FR treatment so using a liner is a simple solution for this not to happen.

How do I find out the repeat pattern of the fabric and wallpaper?

Every product has its own page on the website which give you all the information you need about the fabric or wallpaper including the pattern repeat.

How do I care for the fabric?

All the fabric is dry clean only and cannot be put in a domestic washing machine or tumble dryer. Please do not wipe the fabric with a damp cloth or scrub the surface.

Can I order from you direct?

Yes just email us with your order and we can email you an invoice with the total costs and if you follow the links in the invoice you can pay by credit card.

Do you have end of line remnant fabrics?

No, we only print what we sell so we never have any spare fabrics for sale.

What are the wallpaper instructions?

The wallpaper is all ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper and you can use any type of paste to attach it to the wall.

How do I workout how much wallpaper i need?

You need to look at an online calculator which will help you work out how much wallpaper you will need

Here is a link to the calculator we use

The information you need is
The width of the roll 52cm
the length of the roll 10m

What type of repeat the wallpaper is, for example, half drop or straight

The width of your wall
The height of your wall

You need to calculate for each wall, and you will find out how many rolls you will need.

Do you sell internationally?

We can sell direct internationally and you can order samples. For customers in the USA we can sell direct if you are not near one of the Showrooms which represent the collections.

You can buy samples and have them shipped to you but we charge a flat shipping fee of £15. If you do want to buy, email us and we can give you a shipping quote, we then email you an invoice in you currency and if you follow the links you can pay by credit card. As soon as we see a payment come through we order the fabric or wallpaper for you. When it arrives back from the printers we send it to you via courier and give you the shipping tracking information. It is a very straight forward process and we send our fabric all over the world.